Cultivating expertise. Sharing knowledge.

The Quebec Reference Center for Agriculture and Agri-food (CRAAQ) is made up of an extensive network of advisory services including 400 dedicated experts throughout Canada who share information with over 5,000 professionals, as well as with approximately 15,000 agricultural and food companies. For close to 15 years, the CRAAQ has collected and disseminated advice and quality content, as well as tools that it has developed, to contribute to the advancement of the agriculture and agri-food sector in Quebec.


Each year, we organize dozens of events that attract nearly 3,500 participants. The CRAAQ’s events are a platform for knowledge transfer and exchange, a must for professionals and businesses in the sector.


The CRAAQ’s catalogue currently comprises over 250 publications originating from the works of its committees and commissions or carried out in partnership with different organizations. The content is available in the form of guides, fact sheets, farming starter kits, directories and conference proceedings, whether in hard copy or digital.

Online services

For several years now, the CRAAQ has been a leader in the development of technological tools, providing directories and reference tools to the widest possible audience, as well as assisting clients to improve efficiency.The CRAAQ provides nearly twenty online services to its diverse clientele, such as Agri-Réseau, a web platform that offers quick and free access to the knowledge and expertise of Quebec’s agricultural and agri-food network. Another example is the Bureau virtuel agricole et agroalimentaire (the “Virtual Office”) which aims to facilitate exchanges between agricultural consultants by using shared applications and communication tools.


Motivated by the common good, The Centre de référence en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Québec (CRAAQ) is a not for profit organization dedicated to knowledge transfer in the agricultural and agribusiness sectors. CRAAQ counts on its capacity to mobilize, its flexibility as well as an optimal use of information technologies to fulfill its mission.



Based on its expertise and the mobilization of its members and contributors, CRAAQ’s mission is to produce, to compile and to adapt knowledges making sure they are transferred through activities and tools targeted to different audiences thus ensuring the progress of agricultural and agribusiness practices in Quebec.



CRAAQ wishes to anticipate needs and innovate through its alliances, its activities of mobilization and transfer of knowledges. CRAAQ builds on data collection from a variety of sources in order to integrate and generate new contents. Its notoriety and its professionalism will make it shine both in Quebec and abroad.




Creative and nimble, CRAAQ adapt itself to environments, to contexts and to the sector various needs and clienteles. It seizes business opportunities and continuously improves its communications and management practices to keep them relevant and efficient.


CRAAQ’s opened and interactive approach between the team, the expert members, the collaborators (producers, researchers, stakeholders) and the corporate members generates alliances and projects that bring people together. CRAAQ demonstrates openness and flexibility in its partnerships.


Strong from the quality and credibility of its sources, CRAAQ leverages rigorous work processes and its value-added scientific, technical and economic contents to meet the needs of its customers’ needs.


Our members

CRAAQ is the only organization to bring together over 680 member experts grouped into 40 committees and commissions touching upon many areas of expertise and involvement. These experts offer products and services, carry out research or extension activities; they are, amongst many things, farm managers, agronomists, researchers, trainers, or front-line advisors. Meetings amongst professionals, the exchange of points of view, the richness of content and complementary nature of their knowledge is transformed into substantive materials, positions and recommendations which take into consideration the essential elements and concerns of all. They also give rise to initiatives that bear fruit through the coordination of developmental projects for the sector, or through information days, symposiums, forums and publications.


Our clients

The clientele served by the organization is made up of the following groups:

  • Agricultural and agri-food enterprises;
  • Extension specialists, organizations and other stakeholders in the sector.
Thousands of producers and stakeholders update and expand their knowledge thanks to the quality of available expertise, and the accessibility and credibility of the information provided.

The essence of CRAAQ

  • An organization mandated by organizations in the agriculture sector and MAPAQ.
  • A unique cooperative approach.
  • Activities for monitoring, cooperation, and the dissemination of knowledge.
  • Networking and support projects for extension specialists.
  • Credible and qualified expertise accessible to all.

CRAAQ is proud to count on the support of its five partner and  associate members in the fulfillment of its mandate. Their commitment to the development and sustainability of CRAAQ is demonstrated on numerous levels: the contribution of resources, the uptake of products and services, the carrying out of joint projects in the development of the agriculture and agri-food sector.


Our service offer

Like dozens of organizations and enterprises from the agricultural and agri-food sector. the CRAAQ can be entrusted with major event organizing, document editing or networking tool development, promotion, broadcasting and content management.
Benefit from the expertise of our multidisciplinary team. No need to resort to multiple suppliers. Take advantage of an all-inclusive package or specific services tailored to your needs. For more information or details, please contact Patricia Turmel
La Coop Fédérée ?Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership? L'Union des producteurs agricoles

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