Identification Guide of Grapevines Grown in a Cold Climate - Wine grapes

Identification Guide of Grapevines Grown in a Cold Climate - Wine grapes

Publisher : Richard Grenier
Type : Guide

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As the first book to describe the main varieties of vines present in Québec, this guide is structured with practical and richly illustrated description sheets. In addition, the reader is provided with a framework of morphological observation and description, which allows the identification of major grape varieties that are cultivated in Québec throughout the growing season. This guide will also assist the beginner, as well as the experienced winemaker, in making a choice of varieties depending on cultivation and organoleptic criteria. Finally, whether it is to know the origin and the susceptibility to diseases and pests of some varieties, or to stimulate further thoughts on the grape growing practices adapted to the different grape varieties, this book can provide answers to commercial winegrowers, consultants, nursery workers, as well as amateur winegrowers.

Also available in french : "Guide d'identification des cépages cultivés en climat froid - Cépages de cuve"

Descriptors defenitions
  Schemas: Leaf – Flower – Cluster

Description of the White Grape Varieties
  Adalmiina (E.S. 6-16-30)
Cayuga White (NY 33403)
Delisle (E.S. 7-5-41)
E.S. 4-23-60
E.S. 10-18-14
E.S. 10-18-30
Frontenac blanc
Frontenac gris (MN 1187)
Geisenheim (GM 318-57)
Hibernal (GM 322-58)
Kay Gray (E.S. 1-63)
La Crescent (MN 1166)
Louise Swenson (E.S. 4-8-33)
Osceola Muscat (E.S. 8-2-43)
Prairie Star (E.S. 3-24-7)
St. Pepin (E.S. 282)
Seyval (S.V. 5-276)
Swenson White (E.S. 6-1-43)
Traminette (NY 65.533.13)
Vandal-Cliche (Vandal 84-14)
Vidal (Vidal 256)

Description of the Red Grape Varieties
  Baco noir (24-23 Baco)
Chambourcin (J.S. 26.205)
Chancellor (Seibel 7.053)
De Chaunac (Seibel 9.549)
DM 8521-1
Frontenac (MN 1047)
Léon Millot (Kuhlmann 194-2)
Lucie Kuhlmann (Kuhlmann 149-1)
Maréchal Foch (Kuhlmann 188-2)
Marquette (MN 1211)
New York Muscat (NY 12997)
Petite Perle (TP 2-1-24)
Pionnier (E.S. 4-7-25)
Radisson (E.S. 5-17)
Sabrevois (E.S. 2-1-9)
St. Croix (E.S. 2-3-21)
Seyval noir (S.V. 5-247)
Skandia (TP 2-1-37)
S.V. 18-307
TP 1-1-12
Other Grape Varieties grown in Québec

Comparative tables
  Green shoots 
Lower side of the leaf

Summary tables and maps
  Susceptibility to diseases
Period of bud burst
Plant Hardiness Zones Map
Growing Degree-Days base 10 °C
Growing Degree-Days Map base 10 °C

Vines species description
Vitis aestivalis
Vitis berlandieri
Vitis cinerea
Vitis labrusca
Vitis riparia
Vitis rupestris
Vitis vinifera
Genetics summary

Improvement of varieties and breeders
  Improvement of varieties
The Breeders
Albert Seibel (S)
Cornell University (NY)
David MacGregor (DM)
Elmer Swenson (E.S.)
Eugène Kuhlmann
François Baco
Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute (GM)
Jean-Louis Vidal
Joannès Seyve (J.S.)
Joseph O. Vandal
Mario Cliche    
Mark Hart (MAVO)
Seyve Villard (S.V.)
Tom Plocher (TP)
University of Minnesota (MN)

  Glossary of Terms
Works consulted 
Works of interest and online sources 

Gaëlle Dubé, agronomist
Project management, writing, content management, ampelographic descriptions, photos selection, research, measurements, and photographs.

Isabelle Turcotte, agronomist
Project management, writing, ampelographic descriptions, research, measurements, and photographs.

Richard Grenier, publisher
Photographs, measurements, proofreading, writing, graphics, computer graphics, illustrations, photo editing, publishing, and printing management.

Stéphan Paquet
Development of an XML database linked to a page layout. Photographs, Internet advisor.

Pierre Cadoret
Photographs, photo editing.

Revision Team

Lilly Boulianne, proofreading for English translation
Alain Breault, nurseryman and winegrower
Annie Lefebvre, plant pathology technician (HRDC)
Gilles Benoit, winegrower and winemaker
Ginette Laplante, agri-food technologist
Jean-François Péloquin, agronomist
Larbi Zerouala, agronomist, MAPAQ
Simon Naud, winegrower 
Stefano Campagnaro, ecology tech., CRAM


K. Helen Fisher, Ph.D. : English ampelographic terminologies
Mark Hart, English ampelographic terminologies
Alain Breault, nurseryman and winegrower 
Gilles Benoit, winegrower and winemaker
David Cotineau, winemaker
Jérémie d’Hauteville, œnologist, agronomist
Richard Bastien, œnologist

They have supported our project in the program PSIH (MAPAQ)

Association des Vignerons du Québec inc.
Vignerons Indépendants du Québec
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Title : Identification Guide of Grapevines Grown in a Cold Climate - Wine grapes
Product code : PEDI0211
Year : 2014
Pages/Duration : 215 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9814698-1-6
Type : Guide
Theme : English - Vigne et vin
Keywords : Anatomie et physiologie végétale - Caractéristiques des cultivars - Choix et adaptation des cultivars - Rendement - Boissons alcoolisées - Raisin

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