Currants and gooseberries culture guide

Currants and gooseberries culture guide

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Type : Guide

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This 44-page guide, written by Monique Audette and Michel J. Lareau from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, provides information on black and red currants and gooseberries that takes into account the growing conditions in Quebec. The guide presents historical data, information on production, harvest and storage, and the cultivars recommended in Quebec for each species as well as a few economical considerations. The guide also provides a list of the major pests and some of the diseases that affect these crops. Bibliographical references and a glossary complete the guide.

An initiative of Comité petits fruits of CRAAQ.

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Titre : Currants and gooseberries culture guide
Code du produit : PPTF0010
Année : 1996
Pages/Durée : 43 pages
ISBN : 2-89457-100-3
Type : Guide
Thème(s) : English - Petits fruits - Thèmes
Mot(s) clé(s) : Choix du site - Conduite - Contrôle de la charge - Cultivars - Densité - Espacement - Irrigation - Maladies parasitaires - Plantation - Problèmes non parasitaires - Ravageurs - Récolte - Taille - Tuteurage - Autres petits fruits - Gadelle - Groseille