Egg Signals

Egg Signals

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Egg Signals follows the egg’s progress through all the links in the chain, from poultry farmer to packer, processor, and consumer. It describes the creation of the egg’s unique composition. Optimising egg quality is one of the most important points in the entire poultry chain. You can certainly influence an egg’s quality before the hen lays it, but it is critical to take steps to maintain egg quantity after laying as well. Successful professionals know how to manage egg quality, keep it under control, and make decisions based on their production and their flock.

That involves an eye for detail. Egg Signals shows you how to develop and train that ‘eye’. Regularly ask yourself the following questions: What do I see? What does it mean? What should I do? It will help you to gain firmer insight into the process. In addition, Egg Signals provides answers to questions such as these: How are eggs with optimal quality created? What type of hen lays them? How do you prevent abnormalities? How do you add value? Even the position of a crack, for example, can tell you a lot about the cause.

Egg Signals uses 650 photographs and images to illustrate the basis of thinking about quality, and describes how to act accordingly. This book employs real-life cases taken directly from practice, leading to satisfied poultry professionals and happy consumers! 

Also available in French.

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1. Introduction
2. The egg
- The components of an egg
- Nutritional value of eggs
- A source of vitamins and trace minerals
- Unsaturated fatc
- The egg as a medicine : lutein
- A health risk?
- Shape makes a strong egg
- Weight distribution in eggs
- Quality requirements for the table egg
- Abnormal odours

3. The chicken
- The hen's reproductive system
- The passage duration of an egg
- Choice of strain and egg quality
- Nutrition must suit the chicken
- Development
- The time of laying
- Points for attention during the laying period
- Specific diseases and egg quality

4. The egg yolk
- Yolk characteristics
- Useful characteristics
- An egg without a yolk
- Managing yolk quality
- Fertilised egg or meat spot?
- Tuning the yolk colour to your customer preference
- Yolk colour fan
- Double yolkers
- Blood in the eggs
- Other yolk abnormatities
- Salmonella infection int the yolk

5. The egg white
- Albumen characteristics
- Albumen development
- Thick albumen
- Inclusions in the egg white

6. The eggshell
- Buily in layers
- Plenty of calcium makes strong eggs
- Is calcium supply good enough?
- Shell strenght
- Differences in shell strenght
- Pores for gas exchange
- Egg colour
- Shell colour fan
- Egg finish
- Cuticle
- A strong phenomenon - An egg within an egg
- An egg without shell
- Types of thin shells
- Glassy, Pointed Eggs
- Dented eggs
- Pimples and sandpaper shells (calcium deposits)
- Other shell abnormalies
- Calcium deposition
- The air chamber
- Holes

7. Egg laying
- How a hen lays an egg
- Good house design = fast inspections
- Nest occupancy
- Egg shell cleanliness
- Dirty eggshells caused by housing
- Rollaway stripes/cage marks
- Dirty eggshells in the nest box
- Development of shell dirt
- Assessing shell dirt
- Floor eggs
- Salmonella - preventing infections

8. Transport and handling
- In-line and off-line systems
- Egg belt
- Dust stripes
- Feathers
- Cracks and fratures
- Number of cracks
- Running the egg belt and rod conveyors
- Electronic egg
- Visual inspection
- Sticky eggs
- Mold and eggs
- Delivery the packing station
- Detection of unwanted eggs
- Direction and crack detection
- Egg code
- The difference between stamping and printing
- Printing position
- Misprints
- Sorting, grading and packing
- Washing

9. The end user
- Packaging
- The size of packages
- Disegner packages
- What is fresh?
- Storage and the air chamber
- Determining freshness
- An old egg is often still good to eat
- Regional preferences
- Egg processing
- More and more for consumers
- Quality requirements eggs
- Yolk-white separation
- Liquid products
- Egg white powder
- Boiled and peeled eggs

10. Index
Piet Simons, former researcher at the Spelderholt Poultry Research Centre, received his PhD from Wageningen University in 1971, and was secretary/treasurer of the Dutch branch of the Wold Poultry Science Association from August 1977 to May 1991 and president up to May 2012. He is an honorary past president of the World Poultry Science Association worldwide and was also secretary general for twelve years. In 2006 he recieved the McDougall Medal for his exemplary services to WPSA. In 2008 he was honoured to be selected for the International Poultry Hall  of Fame (IPHF). Piet is currently president of the Strichting Bevordering Pluimveewetenschappen (Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science) and the ambassador of Dutch Poultry Centre in the Netherlands.


Titre : Egg Signals
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