Sheep Signals

Sheep Signals

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Sheep continuously send out signals about their health, well-being, nutrition and behaviour. The challenge for every sheep famer and sheep owner is how to interpret these signals and use them. Sheep Signals, global edition, is a richly illustrated guide on how to interpret the behaviour, posture and physical characteristics of individual animals and groups.
When observing sheep it is important not to jump to conclusions immediately, but instead always to ask yourself three questions: What do I see? Why did this happen? What does this mean? If you know what to look for, you can pick up the signals everywhere and any time. Sheep Signals will show you how.

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1. Sheep: basic facts
    Flock behaviour
    Herding sheep
    Food and digestion
    Specific check point
    See - smell - hear - taste - feel
    Risk groups and risk phases
    Risk locations
2. Autumn
    Tuppin  period and lambing
     Breeding objective and ewe selection
     Eliminating genetic defects
     Ewe selection: unders and teeth
     Ewe selection: age and teeth
     Ram selection
     Ewes ready for the tupping season
     Oestrous synchronisation
     Multiple tupping rams
     Aggressive rams
     After tupping
     The field
     Liver fluke
     Itching and wool boss
3. Winter
    Feed requirements during gestation
    Grazing in the winter
    Doing the rounds
    Risks during gestation
    In the lambing shed in winter
    Straw and hay
    Checking when you bring them in
    Feed requirements in the lambing shed
4. Lambing
    Birth signals
    The birth
    Lambing problems
    Lamb presentations and assistance
    Immediate colostrum
    Care immediately after lambing
    After lambing
    Checking colostrum intake
    A few days after lambing
    Udder problems
    Ewes with too many lambs
    Lambing outdoors
5. Spring
    Cade lambs
    Feet trimming
    Foot rot
    Turning out
    In the field
    Weaning and feed requirements
6. Summer
    Weaned lambs in the field
    Grazing systems
    Rotational grazing and joint grazing
    Dangers in the field
    Water in the field
    Mowing and hay-making
Appendix: Breed charg
Frank Glorie
Jolanda Holleman
Berrie Klein Swormink


Titre : Sheep Signals
Code du produit : PAUT0165
Année : 2016
Pages/Durée : 128 pages
ISBN : 978-90-8740-239-6
Type : Guide
Thème(s) : English
Mot(s) clé(s) : Élevage - Santé animale - Ovin

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