Broiler Signals

Broiler Signals

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Type : Guide

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« Keeping broilers is like a Formula 1 race : there’s no time for mistakes.”
Broilers are fast growing animals that need constant care. There is no time for correcting mistakes; mistakes mean high costs. The prevention of mistakes is therefore crucial. Proper management starts with recognising signals in practice. For broiler-keepers, this means being alert when in the poultry house, watching and listening to the animals, paying attention to their environment and their behaviour as individuals and as a group. This usually provides important information about their animals’ health, well-being and production. This information helps poultry-keepers to improve their economic results, the well-being of their animals and their own. The book Broilers follows the life cycle of these fast growing animals. Every stage is discussed separately and points out an important issue specific to that stage. The focus lays on animal-oriented procedures, thus the book is vital for poultry-keepers and anyone involved in poultry on a regular basis.

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Broiler Signals fait partie de la collection Signes de poules®.



Titre : Broiler Signals
Code du produit : PAUT0126
Année : 2013
Pages/Durée : 120 pages
ISBN : 978-90-8740-125-2
Type : Guide
Thème(s) : Aviculture - English - Santé et bien-être animal - Thème_promo
Mot(s) clé(s) : Aliments - Anatomie et physiologie animale - Besoins nutritionnels - Bien-être des animaux - Comportement - Désordres et maladies - Manipulation des animaux - Ration - Systèmes d'élevage - Poulet à griller

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